Make a grand a month selling selfies in 2021

Lets get serious, you want to make money – and we are here to help!

If you’re reading this then its a safe bet that you have heard of sites like OnlyFans and IsMyGirl where anyone can make thousands of dollars a month selling their photos and videos.

You might have even signed up to a few of these fan sites but have been struggling to build your subscribers and are probably asking yourself, “how do I make amounts worth making instead of just a few dollars a month or less?”


Read on to find out!


Sell everywhere you can, to find your best site

First, you will want to make sure you are selling your content on the best site or sites for you!
Don’t be afraid to join more than one site either. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. That’s not to say that you won’t want to focus on one site over others when you know which site brings in the most money, but you won’t know what that is until you try as many as you can.
We have put together a quiz you can use to find the sites which will earn you the most money possible, tailored to what you want to sell and how you want to earn.


Get free support

Next, we have a growing collection of support articles that you will want to take a look through. You can also join our mailing list so you never miss any of our expert tips and advice.


Let Us Promote You

This website is top-ranked in Google and receives thousands and thousands of visits. We already promote over a hundred models and we will be happy to promote you too.

You can set up a free profile on our site with links to your selling accounts like OnlyFans, IsMyGirlChaturbate and anywhere else you sell your photos.


Get Social

We can and will help you build your subscribers and make money. But you will want to have an active social presence as well. Instagram is great for posting teaser content and swapping shoutouts with other content creators. The downsides of Instagram are that you cant post nudity and that you cant include links in your posts. You can, however, put the link to your NSFWProfiles page in your Instagram bio, which has links to all your fan sites and selling accounts.

If you want to post nude samples with links back your selling accounts, then Twitter can help you here.

Facebook, while very strict on the kind of content that will cause you to be banned, it is a great place for engaging with your subscribers and potential subscribers.

You should try and have accounts on all these platforms and use them to push people over to your paid sites where you sell your content.
Just be careful what you post as you can get your account banned very easily. We are recovering from Instagram and Twitter bans ourselves, so please follow us on Instagram and while you’re at it, why not give us a shoutout while you’re at it?


Think Like A Buyer

If you want to sell more content, you need to get into the head of a buyer.

To do this, it can be helpful to look through other content creators social feeds and fan sites. You don’t need to subscribe to any of them necessarily, but looking at their page and comparing it to others will give you some ideas about what potential customers might look for when thinking about who to subscribe to.

For example, how many posts, pictures and videos does the model have available?
What information do they have in their bio?
How many likes do they have?

Try and incurrage your subscribers to leave you testimonials and Like all your content. The more likes and recomendations you get, the faster you will grow your following!

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