We no longer recomend IsMyGirl, InkedGirls or IsMyGuy!!!

Sadly, over the last few months, IsMyGirl and her sister sites, IsMyGuy and InkedGirls have been offline for multipal weeks at a time on more than one occasion.

We have reached out to IsMyGirl questioning what is going on but have received no responce.

We therefor have lost any confidance in these paltforms, which honestly breaks our hearts as these sites were some of the first we ever partnered with.

Luckiy we have lots of other options for high quality platforms where you can consistantly make great money and find more customers than on IsMyGirl which seems to have closed down.

Check this article for the best sites top sell on or take the survey below to be given a personalised list of recomendations.

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NSFWProfiles Support

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