Why we lost our trust in iFans

New Owners, Missing Payouts and a Refusal to Communicate…


We have been recommending iFans as a platform to sell adult content for several years now, but sadly, similar to sites like ManyVids and IsMyGirl, we find ourselves in a position where we can no longer partner with them due to the way they are letting their users down.

There is a lot of great features about ifans, but instead of drawing this article out and making you read through to the end to find out what’s going on, let’s get right to it.


iFans aren’t paying their content creators.


In the grand scheme of things, this is THE dealbreaker to break all deals.

We have had several reports from creators who have payouts spanning months and months not being processed, which we would typically take with a pinch of salt as potentially being tales spread by disgruntled ex site users, but we have now experienced this ourselves.

iFans have now failed to pay us our small affiliate payout that has slowly been reaching the level where we could withdraw it. This isn’t a large payout, so there should be no trouble sending the funds they are obligated to send. However, this has remained pending for weeks when it should have been processed in a day, two or three at the maximum.

For the last few weeks we have been asking iFans why they have not processed our payout request and have not had a single reply to any of our many messages.

Not. A. Single. Reply…

Nor have we received the funds that iFans owe us.

Following this, we began to do some more digging and after reaching out on an official iFans telegram group chat that was set up by the sites marketing team a couple of years ago we began to get some answers. Reading through the chat history over the last few months, we found messages from creator after creator reporting that they had not been paid by iFans, looking on Twitter (Or X as they like to be known as now) we also found reports of users not being paid or payouts being sent out months late.

Image shared from a creator in the iFans Creator Telegram Chat

With this knowledge in hand and after later tracking down the contact details of the owner of the site (or so we thought), we reached out to them to ask what was going on.

What we discovered was that the site had been sold to new owners some time ago, which may be when all this trouble began. The previous owner seemed genuinely sad to hear what the new team behind iFans was doing to the platform they had created, but as they are no longer involved with the site, there is no way for them to help. We have reached out to the site again asking for comment for this article but at the time of posting this, we have still heard nothing back. If we do, we will update this post with any useful information.

For now it seems clear that, if the experiences of the creators we have spoken to and the situation we find ourselves in now are anything to go by, then there is no way users should trust iFans as a platform any more. We highly recommend any creator still using that site to sell content remove their material immediately, try and claim any funds the site has if you can (even if they won’t pay you, attempting a payout request would be the first step in any future legal claim) and then move to a more professional and reliable platform such as OnlyFans, Chaturbate, My Club, Admire Me, Strip Chat or Sofie Gray. (all of which we still partner with and by using our links, we can offer enhanced and free support as well as free promotion here on our site.

We hate to have to speak negatively about any platform, we don’t like drama. Our aim is to help make this community a better, safer, more friendly and most importantly, more profitable and rewarding space for content creators everywhere. But part of that is making sure that where there would seem to be sites that aren’t treating our community they way they should, then we need to call that out and make sure anyone coming to our site for help getting started, or how to sell more content, doesn’t get taken advantage off by sites who refuse to pay the creators who keep their sites online.

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