Top 10 Tips for Making Money Selling Porn in 2023

How can you make amazing money selling yourt home made porn and acult content?

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Setting up your selling account is only the first step to making money selling your content. Top earners can earn thousands every month, but that will take some work.

The good news is, we are here to help you.

Below you will find some expert tips to be successful as a model on OnlyFans, iFans, IsMyGirl, InkedGirls and IsMyGuy as well as any other similar websites like Chaturbate.

We also have a free survey you can use to find the best platforms for your style of content.

We have spoken in other articles about the importance of great content and ongoing promotion, but here are our top ten tips and tricks for making big money selling your porn and adult content online!

Here are a few tips to become successful as a model on iFans, IsMyGirl, InkedGirl, IsMyGuy and OnlyFans:

  1. Pick one platform to focus on at first but have accounts on lots of platforms! Getting started can be a lot of work, so focus on one site to begin with and branch out as you learn the ropes. A great site to start with would be OnlyFans as it offers all the standard options to monetise yuor content, includes lots of on-site promotional possibilities and twise monthly payouts. Once you feel you have got the hang of making and posting your content, you can sign up to other sites as well and broaden your reach, then use those platforms to funnel your fans back to OnlyFans or your favourate site to focus your earnings there. You can even set up your own store on sites like OnlyFans and Sofia Gray and sell worn panties and other personal items! Don’t forget to use our free survey to find your best options as to where to sell your content.
  2. Post great content often, whether it be personal selfies or professional photos or videos you have. Selfie content is great; it makes your fans feel a personal connection to you, even more than professional content in some instances.
  3. Let your fans know about your profile. A great way to get the word out is to add your profile link to your bios on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more. The more people that you share your profile with, the more likely you are to get followers and make money. And of course, we can promote you for free right here, we are a top ranked site on google and receve thuosands of visitors every week, any of whome could be your next customer. Set up a free profile HERE.
  4. Post teaser content (non-nude) to your social media with a “link in bio” badge on the image or a link in the post, depending on what the platform you’re using allows. let people know what they are missing out on by not subscribing! But be careful of each social platforms rules as to what can and cant be posted. You don’t want to loose your account.
  5. Never sell content ourside of official platforms. You may be tempted to sell directly through social media, but this will never end well. The best case scenarrio is you will spend all day being asked if you provide free samples before someone buyes (they never will), but much more likely is that someone will report you to your social network AND the payment gateway such as paypal or cashapp, and your accounts will be banned – and all the money in your payment app will be lost forever. Bottom line, don’t sell on social media, find a legitimate and safe platform to sell on.
  6. Send out Pay Per View (PPV) messages to your fans where they can pay extra to see your best content! Many adult content creators find that the majoority of their income comes from PPV content, sop don’t overlook this money maker!
  7. Some platforms, like iFans, allow you to post free teaser content, paid vides, a free feed and. apaid subscribers only feed, but others like OnlyFans only let you choose a free subscription with PPV posts and messages, or a paid subscription where all your content is locked behind a paywall. In that case, it can be a great idea to make two OnlyFans accounts using two different email addresses and set one to free/PPV and the other to a paid subscription. That way, cuustomers can choose which way they wat to access your content and you don’t miss out on potential eanrings. You can always try and move customers over to your paid account from your free one as time goes on.
  8. Rermember to use our free survey to find the best platforms to sell your porn on. dult content creators can waste a lot of time by not being on a high quality site, so go where the money is by generating a tailored list of sites to join that will work best for you! Also, when you sign up to these sites by clicking the links we give you, we can oten offer enhanced support and promotion absolutly free!! This is because we are partnered affiliates of these platforms and can work harder on your behalf to help you sell more!
  9. Remember that all it takes to succeed is to keep uploading an item of content or two every day and respond to comments/messages. This is the ultimate social experience for you to engage and connect with your fans. 
  10. Get more tips by reading our other support articles! We have lots of expert tips and advice for adult content creators. You can also sign up to receive occasional emails from us when we have juice new tips so that you never miss out on the valuable advice!
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