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Top 10 Tips for Making Money on Fan Sites

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Setting up your selling account is only the first step to making money selling your content. Top earners can earn thousands every month, but that will take some work.

The good news is, we are here to help you.

Below you will find some expert tips to be successful as a model on OnlyFansIsMyGirl, InkedGirls and IsMyGuy as well as any other similar websites like Chaturbate.

We have spoken in other articles about the importance of great content and ongoing promotion.

Here are a few tips to become successful as a model on IsMyGirl, InkedGirl, IsMyGuy and OnlyFans:

  1. Pick one platform to focus on! You want to devote the majority of your time and effort on one platform instead of dividing your time between multiple sites. When choosing the platform to concentrate on, we can’t stress strongly enough that IsMyGirl is your best possible choice as it offers so many ways to sell content! But it can’t be denied that OnlyFans is the largest and most popular platform, so the choice is yours.
  2. Post great content often, whether it be personal selfies or professional photos or videos you have. Selfie content is great; it makes your fans feel a personal connection to you, even more than professional content in some instances.
  3. Let your fans know about your profile. A great way to get the word out is to add your profile link to your bios on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more. The more people that you share your profile with, the more likely you are to get followers and make money.
  4. Post teaser content (non-nude) to your social media with a “link in bio” badge on the image or a link in the pose, depending on what the platform you’re using allows.
  5. IsMyGirl and their family of sites, (InkedGirls and IsMyGuy) let you make premium and private videos that your fans can pay extra for. This is an easy way to make extra money on top of what your fans already pay to follow you. 
  6. Message your fans and engage with them. Part of the charm of premium fan sites is the ability for your fans to have a direct connection with you. Give them a great experience!
  7. Ask IsMyGirl to promote you on their Instagram and Facebook accounts. To be considered for a featured, message their team through the contact form on the IsMyGirl site with your best, high-quality photos. They also do shout-outs on their IG story too!. Make sure you send safe-for-work content. Make sure that you are including your IsMyGirl link in your bio. You can even do a Facebook live on the IsMyGirl FB page! Just ask!
  8. Apply to be featured on the IsMyGirl, InkedGirl or IsMyGuy newsletter. They have several different types of newsletter, such as: model of the day, fan favourites, too hot for Instagram, etc. If you want to be featured in a newsletter, just email [email protected]
  9. Remember that all it takes to succeed is to keep uploading an item of content or two every day and respond to comments/messages. This is the ultimate social experience for you to engage and connect with your fans. 
  10. Get more tips by visiting the IsMyGirl FAQ
  11. BONUS TIP – Let us promote you for free by applying to be featured on our site!
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