The Best Way To Get Payouts Into Your Bank

Revolut Review – The best way to get paid from OnlyFans, iFans and other adult platforms

How to get your OnlyFans Payouts

Let’s face it, getting your payouts can often be a real pain in the ass and to make things more complicated, there are lots of reasons why people don’t want to get paid into their main personal banking account.
That is where a service like Revolut is a great option.

TLDR; Join Revolut For Free Today

If you want to get paid in the most efficent way, join Revolut Today!

What makes Revolut so good is that it is a virtual bank account that you set up on your phone. You can receive international transfers, request payments from others easily, and access your funds using a traditional physical bank card. You can even set up virtual “burner” cards that you can use online and then delete so you don’t risk recurring billing if you forget to cancel a subscription. Both your virtual cards and your physical cards can be added to your contactless payment wallet on your phone such as ApplePay and Google Pay. This means your earnings from selling your content online are accessable on your phone, on any online retailer or high street store that takes card payments!

Also, with Revolut you can get rewards for shopping at popular stores and access discounted offers on things like phone or travel insurance, earn interest on your savings, access your funds at the best rates while traveling, buy and sell stocks or invest in gold or crypto. And thats just scratching the surface!

How to get started

To set up and activate your Revolut account, so you can get paid from sites like OnlyFans, iFans, Chaturbate, and others, even those that insist on paying you through online wallets like Paxum, you need to sign up HERE, and complete the following steps:

  1. Verify your ID (which you will be used to doing after setting up your selling platforms
  2. Top up your account by linking your bank card
  3. Order your physical card (delivery fees may apply)
  4. Make three separate purchases using your physical or virtual card (any purchase you would normally have made will be valid)

That’s it, your account will be ready fully activated and you are now ready to link your account to your OnlyFans account (or any other account).

How to get your Payouts

To link your Revolut account to OnlyFans and get your Payouts sent to you, just follow these steps:


  1. Head to the Revolut app and on the pain page, tap “+ Add Money”
  2. Hit “Change” to the right of where your payment method is selected (it might say Apple Pay if you are using an iPhone for example).
  3. Select “Regular Bank Transfer” to access your bank details.
  4. If you are receiving funds in dollars from a US-based site (which most sites are) and you are not from the United States, you will want to select the “SWIFT” tab to access your international transfer details.
  5. Some sites may also want your bank’s address. As there will be different bank addresses depending on what country you registered in, the best thing to do is to google this or contact Revolut support through the app and ask them for the address you need to enter. If you make sure to save this address somewhere, you will always have it if you need it in the future.

And that’s it, you will be ready to get your payouts from the worlds biggest and best content selling platforms, direct to pocket!

Join Revolut Today For Free!

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