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The Best Site To Sell On In 2023: MANYVIDS

How to get started selling content on ManyVids in 2023


Sign up to ManyVids now for free and enjoy selling on the best platform for adult content creators!

Why sell on ManyVids


We believe that ManyVids is the very best platform where creators can sell their content. While more people have heard of OnlyFans, there are lots of reasons that more and more creators are moving away from that site and onto ManyVids. There are several features of ManyVids that make it a popular alternative to OnlyFans, including:

  1. ManyVids allows performers to sell individual videos and photos, as well as offer subscription services and custom content requests.
  2. ManyVids offers a variety of payment options, including direct deposit, eCheck, and mailed check.
  3. ManyVids has a more diverse and established community of performers and fans, with a wider range of content available.
  4. ManyVids has a user-friendly interface and offers a range of tools and resources to help performers manage and grow their businesses.
  5. ManyVids offers on-site promotion and search options, meaning customers can find your content without having to already be subscribed to you, unlike OnlyFans.
  6. ManyVids offers bi-monthly payouts, meaning you can get paid quicker than with OnlyFans.
  7. Account verification is much simpler and quicker on ManyVids than on OnlyFans, with no reports reaching us of ID verification being rejected.

Setting up your ManyVids account and profile as a seller

Making a ManyVids account couldn’t be simpler. Unlike some platforms (*Cough* OnlyFans), creating and verifying your account so you can start selling content on ManyVids is really simple!

  1. First, you need to MAKE AN ACCOUNT ON MANYVIDS, click on the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner of the page. – BONUS TIP, sign up using our partner link and we can offer you free enhanced promotion and support to help boost your sales and bring in more money, as well as promote you for free on our website!
  2. Fill out the registration form with your personal information, such as your name, email address, and password.
  3. Verify your email address by clicking on the link in the verification email that you will receive from ManyVids.
  4. Once your email address is verified, you can log in to your account and verify your ID by uploading verification photos. (This is the part of the process that so many creators struggle with on OnlyFans, but ManyVids makes this process much simpler and user-friendly.
  5. To set up your profile, click on the “My Profile” tab in the main menu.
  6. In the “About Me” section of your profile, you can add a brief description of yourself and what you will be selling on ManyVids.
  7. In the “My Media” section, you can upload your content, such as videos and photos, that you want to sell on the site.
  8. In the “My Store” section, you can set the prices for your content and choose how you want to be paid for your sales.
  9. Finally, in the “My Settings” section, you can adjust your account settings, such as your privacy preferences and notification settings.

That’s all there is to it! With a complete profile and some high-quality content, you can start selling on ManyVids and earning money from your creations.

Start Making Money From Your Content!

Sign up to ManyVids now for free and enjoy selling on the best platform for adult content creators!

Creating and uploading content for sale on ManyVids


Here are some tips for creating and uploading content for sale on ManyVids:

  1. Plan and organize your content before you start creating it. Decide on a theme or concept for your content, and make a list of the specific items that you want to include. This can help to ensure that your content is cohesive and appealing to potential buyers.
  2. When coming up with video ideas, it can often help to think of the title first. This way you can come up with a title that with words or phrases in that people might search for and come up with video titles that will get people’s attention. Then make your video to fit the title.
  3. Using high-quality equipment and lighting to create your content can help you justify a higher price and attract more buyers, but if you are just starting out, then using your mobile phone and making sure you are near a window with lots of natural light will still give you great content. A cheap tripod with a phone mount and remote control is a great beginner’s setup, some models even come with a ring light built in. When you have earnt some money from your first payout, you can invest in a good camera and lighting setup to ensure that your videos and photos look and sound professional.
  4. Edit your content carefully to improve its quality and make it more appealing to buyers. Use video editing software to trim, cut, and splice your videos, and use photo editing software to touch up your photos and make them look their best. There are lots of free editing apps available in your app store of choice, so try a few out and see which works best for you. 
  5. Choose appropriate titles and tags for your content. This can help buyers to find your content more easily when they are searching for specific items on the site. Remember to think about what users will be searching for and make sure to include these where possible.
  6. When you upload your content to your store, add a description that puts your video in some kind of context. Give it a story and background that will make people want to see it enough to pay.
  7. Select your thumbnail and teaser clip to entice viewers without giving the best content away. Try not to show the best parts, but the moments leading up to them.

By following these tips, you can create high-quality content that is more likely to sell well on ManyVids.

One of the best things about ManyVids that means creators can make vastly larger amounts of money than on OnlyFans is the fact that customers can find and buy your content right from the home page, without already being subscribers/followers.

With OnlyFans, you can only sell content or subscriptions to people who you have given the link to your profile to. This is because OnlyFans offers no way for fans to “find” you. There’s no search function, there’s no top sellers page, and there is no way at all for people to find your content apart from you sharing your link with people yourself or sending out endless Pay Per View messages to people who are very unlikely to buy.

With ManyVids, you upload your content once, set your title, description and thumbnail and it will show up in search from that point on. This means it can sell time and again with no more input from you. A video on ManyVids has so much more potential to earn thousands and thousands of dollars over years, instead of making a few sales for as long as you can force it in front of people’s eyes on OnlyFans.

Selling Custom Content on ManyVids


ManyVids has a great system for selling custom content, requested by customers. You can set a price per minute for different levels of video or negotiate with customers to agree on the exact video and price that works for both of you.

Here are some tips for selling custom videos

  1. Communicate clearly with buyers to understand their specific requests and preferences for the custom content. Ask them for details about what they want, such as the theme, length, and format of the content, and any specific items or activities that they want to see.
  2. Deliver the custom content to the buyer promptly and in the agreed-upon format. Make sure to upload the content to the “My Media” section of your profile and share the link with the buyer so that they can download it easily.
  3. Follow up with the buyer to ensure that they are satisfied with the custom content and to address any issues or concerns that they may have. This can help to build a good reputation and improve your chances of getting repeat business from the buyer.
  4. IMPORTANT TIP Some buyers may ask for the video you make for them to be exclusive, but this should always carry a LARGE extra charge. It is important to remember how much money each video you make can be worth to you in sales. A single video that you can sell in your store for $10 might sell 10 times a month for example. Meaning you would earn $1200 a year from the video, or $12,000 over 10 years. Making a custom video and NOT being able to sell it on your store to other customers means you are losing out on thousands of dollars potentially. Make sure you charge at least a few hundred dollars on top of the creation fee for exclusive videos

Promoting your ManyVids profile and content through social media and other channels


While ManyVids does a brilliant job of promoting high-quality content on the homepage and through its advanced search facilities, it is still important to put work in yourself to promote yourself. You can attract some of your most loyal customers by engaging with them directly and giving them some motivation to check out your profile.

To make the most of the possibilities to promote yourself, follow these tips.

  1. Use dedicated social media accounts to share links to your content and drive traffic to your ManyVids profile. Share links to your content on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, and use hashtags and tags to make it more visible to potential buyers.
  2. Collaborate with other creators on ManyVids to cross-promote each other’s content. Reach out to other sellers whose content is similar to yours and agree to promote each other’s content on your respective profiles and social accounts
  3. Run promotions and discounts to incentivize buyers to purchase your content. Offer special deals or discounts on your content, such as buy-one-get-one-free offers or discounted bundles, to encourage more people to buy from you.
  4. Participate in the ManyVids community by commenting on other people’s content and engaging with your followers. This can help to build your reputation and make you more visible to potential buyers.
  5. Use SEO techniques to improve the visibility of your content on the ManyVids website. Use keywords and tags in your content titles and descriptions to make it easier for buyers to find your content when they are searching for specific items.
  6. Take part in the regular contests that ManyVids runs. Customers will often check the entries for high-quality content. There are also cash prizes available which you can reinvest in your content or just use to treat yourself if you win.
  7. Ask for reviews from your customers. These will be visible when people browse your content and encourage them to buy your videos. You can also share these reviews on your social accounts and forums. Highly reviewed videos may also show up higher in search results, so don’t overlook reviews on your store. (If you sign up to ManyVids using our link, you can always ask us to review your store videos to help you make more sales)
  8. Promote yourself on sites like ours. We offer free basic promotion (and enhanced promotion and support for creators who make their ManyVids account through us). You can set up a free profile on our site and add information about you, and your content as well as links to everywhere you sell content and your social profiles.

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