Selling on OnlyFans? – Do These Three Things First

Set up your OnlyFans page the right way


You have just had an email from OnlyFans to tell you that your account has been approved and you think, “Great!” (If you havent set up your OnlyFans account yet, you can sign up for free HERE)

The next thing you think though is,

“What do I do now…?”

Here are three first steps in starting to sell content on the worlds best knows fansite.


1. Start adding content

This might seem like a no brainer, but we promote content creators on many different platforms and you may be shocked to learn that many of the new sellers who apply for profiles on our site have yet to add a single photo, video or post of any kind on their OnlyFans page.
When we ask then why they have no content, the answer we get is “I don’t have any subscribers yet, why do I need to post anything?”
The answer of course is, if you have no content, why would anybody want to subscribe to you?
Picture this, you are on a night out with your friends, you are walking down a street full of bars, looking in the windows to decide which one to try. On one side is a bar with bright lights, good music and a bar stocked with all your favourite drinks. On the other side is a bar with no music, a plain interior and the shelves behind the bar are totally empty.
Which venue is going to get your money?
As the phrase goes, “if you build it, they will come” so put some effort in and start adding content. A lot of it.
When a potential subscriber checks out your profile, they want to see that they will get a lot in return for their money. OnlyFans lets people see how many posts you have made, how many photos and videos you have on offer. If the number is low or zero, you won’t get any subscribers. So you need to tempt them in.


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2. Name your price

You will want to set your subscription price and this can be an important choice. Do you go low and hope to bring in the subscribers fast, or set your price on the high end and try and make the most from each subscriber that you can?
OnlyFans themselves recommend a price of between $9.99 and $15.99.
The aim here is to not give the impression that you are only worth a few dollars, but not price yourself out of the market.
You also want to leave cash in your fans pockets to buy the premium content that you charge extra for or to give you tips when they love your content.
Another option though is to make subscribing to you free. This will let you post lots of teaser content and then offer one-off sales of your top-level content.
Which route you decide to take is up to you and there is no reason you can’t change things up later on, but for now, just see what works.


Then promote your Profiles


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3. Start promoting yourself

OnlyFans, unlike other platforms like IsMyGirl and Chaturbate, do not make it easy for your profile to be discovered, so it’s up to you to do all the leg work.
Of course, we have to mention here that a great way to promote your OnlyFans, as well as other selling platforms such as InkedGirls, Chaturbate, IsMyGuy, iFans and more, is to set up a free profile right here on NSFWProfiles. We will let you be found and seen by our site visitors. We are a top-ranked site on Google and a great resource for getting your profile out there.
Of course, social media is another important tactic for promoting yourself, use teaser content and relevant hashtags to build social followers who can be converted into paid subscribers.
You can also collaborate with other sellers on OnlyFans by cross-posting each other’s content and tagging each other so you can benefit from each other’s subscribers.


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