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21 years old
From United States (US)


Photos of...
Lingerie, Topless


I’m a Scorpio ♏️, Puerto Rican, and I’m 21 years of age, I wouldn’t say I’m an angel, but I can be a good girl 😇. My motto is nothing is for free. If you want something just ask, but that doesn’t mean I will do it. I will give you a price and you can decide if you would like to continue. The one thing I refuse to show is my face, don’t get me wrong I’m a pretty girl, but I’m also secretive and I don’t need people finding me IRL. I can prove I’m real if you need me too, there just won’t be any face involved, but I am willing to hold up what ever you would like me to to prove I am who I say I am. I will also sell undies, if you have a specific color and type you would like just let me know and I will buy them. All panties will be sent out in a pink envelope sealed with a kiss. If you would like me to play with myself before hand I will do so. I will also do feet pics, any color nail polish of your choice or any pose you would like.

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