We No Longer Recommend ManyVids As A Platform To Sell Content On


Sadly, due to some recent changes in the way that ManyVids operates, we are re-evaluating our recommendations for this platform as we currently have serious doubts as to its integrity. This is due to ManyVids severely limiting earning potential, with no warning or explanation, worrying stock sell-off of their merchandise and increasing site downtime and UX bugs which worry could signal an ongoing drop in platform quality and possibly even site closure. When we presented these concerns to ManyVids, we received no reply of substance, merely an apology for the “inconvenience”. As if devistating peoples earnings is a mere inconveniance.

This honestly breaks our hearts as we have worked closely with creators for many years to help them make money on ManyVids, but due to the current situation, we now feel duty bound to share our experance and concerns and warn all users to stay avoid selling on ManyVids.

Please be aware, we are not saying that we have any hard evidence that ManyVids is untrustworthy. We would love if ManyVids would reach out to us and answer our questions so that they can fix some of their recent mis-steps, but until such time as they do, we cannot recomend anyone sign up for this platform. Anyone who is currently selling on ManyVids may natuarrally be concerned and we would highly recomend that they move off the platform and start selling their contetn on a website that hasn’t displayed these worrying trends.

So, moving forward, we now recommend signing up to one of the sites listed below instead.

If you are currently selling on ManyVids, we would HIGHLY recommend – we seriously can not put this in strong enough terms – that you begin building an audience on one of the platforms below so that if a time comes, as we suspect it may, that ManyVids goes out of business or in some other way becomes non-viable as a platform, that you have other platforms to fall back on where you are not starting from scratch.

The Industry Leader

If you’re selling anywhere, you need to be selling on OnlyFans!


The Biggest Cam Site

If you want to live stream and make money on your own terms, this is the place!


Biggest Marketplace for Used Items (Panties)

Sell everything from panties, to socks, to intamitaly scented face masks!


Brilliant platform where people amke big money

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Giving you the most freedome to sell how you want

Charge in a range of ccurrencies and earn how you want to!


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