How we helped topless climate campaigner, Laura Amherst, raise thousands to save the planet

By protesting topless to raise awareness of the climate emergency, Laura Amherst is promoting several very important messages.

When we heard about Laura and her work with Extinction Rebellion, we were very keen to help her get her message out there. What makes Laura different from most people, is her dedication, to not only the planet but all those living on it. She is first and foremost known as a climate protester but she also supports animal rights, advocates veganism and is passionate about body confidence and ending the body-shaming of women. We reached out to Laura and saw on her social media that she had been contemplating starting an OnlyFans account, something we know a lot about. 

Unfortunately, Laura had been turned off of the idea of selling photos and videos online due to some of the negative connotations surrounding the industry. Being a public figure, and someone who attracts a lot of trolls, it was natural to be wary of attracting negative attention from those who are happy to criticise someone online, even when they are trying to help people. However, after we were able to talk with Laura about different ways of selling content, a variety of strategies on how to operate and showing Laura just how much she could earn for the worthy causes she is passionate about, she decided to give it a try.

Laura used our free survey tool to find the best sites to sell on based on the content she wanted to make and how she wanted to have people support her. We then helped and advised her on getting her OnlyFans account approved. 

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Within the first week of selling content, she has earned several thousand dollars! These funds are going to directly support climate and animal rights charities, while 25% will go to support Laura’s own activism efforts.


We asked Laura if she would spare some time to help others understand her message, why she protests in the way she does and how it’s important to raise awareness and funds to help people understand the importance of saving our planet. She kindly agreed to share her time with us and we sent her our burning questions so we could share her responses here.

Hi Laura, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

First of all, can you please tell us what motivates you to give up your free time to protest?

What was it that made you decide to protest topless?

I was meant to go to an event in Brighton called “free the nipple” where a group of ladies get together and go topless. This is to promote body positivity and less stigma around the female breast. I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate that into the climate protests, to get more attention and raise awareness. It has worked brilliantly, as I have had great media opportunities and a chance to put my heartfelt and well researched message out there.

By protesting wearing just a thong, do you hope to help other people feel more confident in their own bodies?

Yes definitely, no matter what you look like, all bodies are beautiful and wonderful, and you should be proud!

What were the initial concerns that stopped you from opening an OnlyFans account?

I was concerned that people would judge me and devalue/degrade me, and that has happened a little. But it pleases people more than it harms. I was worried that it would get too pornographic, as that is not the avenue i want to go down.


How were we able to reassure you that this would be a valid way to raise money for good causes?

I think its because i am in control of the content i put out there, and i dont have to listen to any demands or to do more things that i dont feel comfortable with, and the fans can either accept what im comfortable with or not and support me or not. 

How will the money you’re raising be put to use?

40% is going to environmental activist group extinction rebellion, 25% is going to greenpeace, and 10% to a different animal rescue sanctuary each month. The other 25% is going into my personal activism costs such as travel expenses, equipment/materials, food. 

How have you found your first week on OnlyFans? What are the positives and negatives you have experienced?

The first week has been good. I think the guys kinda want you to do more and more, so my tip for anyone starting is to get very clear on your boundaries and what you are comfortable with and only do that, and dont get harrassed or coerced into doing more explicit things for tips if you dont want to. On the plus side, i have gotten a lot of compliments about my content which is nice. 

Do you find selling content like this to be a liberating experience and would you recommend other people who feel confident enough and want to raise money do something similar?

It depends what you like to do. I think it works better if you are quite a sexual/hedonistic person already and feel confident in your body, but the opportunity to earn big cash for good causes is a really good way to get more fans on board, and become better known. But be prepared for some people to judge you and devalue you. As long as you are happy, comfortable, and doing what you want to do, its a great way to earn quite easy cash.

Thanks for sharing you exerance and thank you for working so hard to educate people about the dangers of the climate emergancy!

We are so pleased we were able to help you make so much money so quickly!

If anyone reading this article would like to raise money for good causes, or just to put food on the family table, we would abslutly love to help you with free advice, tips information and of course, free promotion. Don’t forget to use our free survay to find your best sites to sell on!


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UPDATE: Since we wrote this article, Laura has earned so much on OnlyFans that she has decided to now focus her time on her protest work and setting up her own charity so will be closing her account soon. We have removed links to her OnlyFans, but left the links to her Instagram so readers can see her latest updates and will add links to her charity when it launches.

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