What is My.Club and why it’s taking the content-selling world by storm?

What is My.Club and why it’s taking the content-selling world by storm?

Everyone is well aware that selling content online has become a big deal in today’s world. It’s a growing industry and is appealing to a larger and larger global audience. With so much appetite for content, the demand for content creators has soared. If you’re seeking an exciting, flexible, and potentially lucrative career then content creation might be your calling. The digital landscape is full of platforms that empower creators to monetise their skills, and while OnlyFans kick-started this trend, a growing number of similar platforms have sprouted up, each vying for attention. Fortunately, among these, often low-quality platforms, My.Club stands out as a site where users can both sell and buy safely, attracting an ever-growing community of creators looking to make a second income or ditch the 9 to 5 and work in a way that suits them.

But what sets My.Club apart from its peers? Let’s delve into the details of this content-selling phenomenon that’s making waves globally.

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So, how does My.Club work?

The idea is simple and similar to OnlyFans: you determine the subscription price for your club, and fans subscribe to gain access to your exclusive content. Subscription prices range from $4.99 to $200 per month, offering you the freedom to choose what suits your content and audience best. The platform retains only a modest 20% of your earnings to cover things like hosting your content, managing the complex issues around payment and offering support to help you along the way.

What’s particularly enticing about My.Club is its seamless migration process. If you already have an account on a similar platform, you can effortlessly transfer all your content to My.Club with a single click, simplifying the setup process and making it easy to start making money right away.

Once your account is up and running, it’s all about regularly uploading content and watching your earnings grow. You have the creative freedom to explore any style of content, whether your niche is fitness, culinary arts, fine art, or even adult content. Notably, My.Club maintains its commitment to being an adult-friendly platform. Remember when OnlyFans made the controversial decision to restrict adult content in 2021? Well, that’s a concern you won’t encounter on My.Club so you can be safe in the knowledge that you won’t get the rug pulled from under you as you might on some other platforms or if OnlyFans decides to change their policies again.

Now, let’s talk about the most exciting part of all: payouts. My.Club ensures a convenient and flexible payout experience by offering a wide array of payout methods to meet your needs, including cryptocurrency, Cosmo Payment, Paxum, ACH/Direct, Checks, EUR wire transfers, international wire transfers, Directa24, and ePayService. It’s all designed to ensure that you, as a creator, can access your earnings simply and easily.

In essence, content creation is the heartbeat of the digital era, and My.Club is here to provide both creators and fans with a vibrant, versatile, and adult-friendly platform for content sharing and monetisation.

Ways to earn on My.Club

My.Club lives by the motto “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, so while subscriptions are a primary avenue for income, they’re far from the only one.

Locked content

You have the power to offer paywall-protected content, generating extra income every time a fan unlocks it by paying a fee of your choice.


Fans love showing their appreciation. Keep your content fresh and consistent to encourage tips from your dedicated audience.


Got a big dream in mind? Share it with your fans. Whether it’s a car, a laptop, or a dream vacation, your fans can contribute toward your aspirations through tips.

Paid and mass messages

My.Club takes pride in its cutting-edge messaging system, empowering creators to establish connections with their fan base and monetise their content. Creators are able to attach photos and videos to their messages, which they can then send directly to fans. To access this premium content, fans are required to pay a fee set by the creator. But the innovation doesn’t stop there; creators can also harness the power of mass messages.

Mass messages serve as a lifeline for reaching a broader audience. Instead of the time-consuming task of one-on-one outreach, creators can send a single message to their entire audience simultaneously. With mass messaging, creators have the flexibility to send out updates, reminders, promotions, or any other content. These messages can be directed at paid members, free members, followers, or any customised list of recipients.

Here’s where it gets interesting: merging mass messages with paid content introduces a huge income-generating feature. Creators can seamlessly include locked photos and videos into their mass messages, providing an opportunity to earn unbelievable amounts from a single message blast.

Request menu

My.Club not only offers a Request menu but also provides creators with the flexibility to customise it according to their creative desires, as long as it adheres to the platform’s guidelines. Creators can get imaginative, offering personalised videos for their fans and more. Additionally, they can introduce a “request whatever you’re craving” option, where users can pay and send a personalised request comment to the creator which the creator can accept or decline after some negotiation.

This personalised feature builds a unique connection between creators and their audience. Users are more inclined to make requests and pay for them when they know it’s tailored to their preferences and will come back for more time and again. My.Club’s commitment to customisation enhances the user experience, making it an unbeatable platform for both creators and fans.

Other exciting features

Teaser posts

Showcase your content to the world. Teaser posts are visible to everyone, even unregistered users, making them an excellent tool for converting casual browsers into club members.


Collaborations present a brilliant opportunity for creators to build recognition and expand their reach to new fans and subscribers. In the same way musicians and businesses join forces on projects, My.Club creators can engage in the same collaborative spirit.

If creators wish to share content that features their fellow creators, they have the option to do so by tagging them. To post photos or videos showcasing other creators, a simple connection is required, and the good news is that it only takes a couple of clicks.

Once this creative connection is established, creators are granted the freedom to share content featuring each other on their feeds. This dynamic exchange of audiences leads to mutual growth, benefiting everyone involved. So if you have friends who also sell content, send them a link to this page so they know what they are missing out on and can sign up too!

Personal Page with a custom domain

This is one of the platform’s most exclusive features: a personalised promo page with a custom domain.

By crafting yourself a unique landing page with a free custom domain hosted by My.Club, creators can unite all their links in one convenient location. Even better, creators have the freedom to select a domain from a choice of 12 zones that seamlessly aligns with their club’s identity and your own personal brand. Not only that, but they can also add interactive My.Club widgets to promote their club’s offerings. Therefore, the Personal Page is a personalised website address with direct access to the creator’s club, as well as a display window of what they offer there.

This stand-out feature not only strengthens their club’s online presence but also acts as a magnet for new members. The best part? Creators can confidently share their content across the internet without worries about being blocked, as the Personal Page is all-sites friendly, unlike so many others that you will see linked in people’s bios.

The Personal Page also gives creators detailed statistics so that you can see where users come from by source (like your social platforms), and country, along with other useful insights so that you can know how to best use your Personal Page and where too spend your efforts marketing and promoting yourself.

Twitter (now X) autopost

Let your followers on Elon Musk’s social platform know whenever you release new content.

Analytics and statistics

Gain insights into paying members’ behaviour, a crucial step in driving growth. You have a page with detailed statistics about your users, content, etc. so that you can see what performs well and what does not. Unlike other platforms, this gives you the ability to tailor your content exactly to your audience’s tastes so you can make more money with less wasted time.

Final words

My.Club has risen to prominence among content creators, especially those in the adult industry, thanks to its well-earned reputation for trustworthiness and its robust privacy features. In light of recent concerns surrounding OnlyFans, My.Club is seen as a beacon of hope for countless creators seeking a reliable alternative platform.

In an ocean of poor-quality user-generated content platforms, My.Club stands out as the user-friendly and ideal solution for anyone looking to set sail on their content creation journey and anyone who has read this far owes it to themselves to sign up and see for themselves what they have to offer!

Plus, we offer free promotion and enhanced coaching to anyone who signs up using the links below!

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