How to be successful on OnlyFans

So you have decided that you are going to start selling photos and videos online and have picked the biggest website around, OnlyFans, to set up your stall but how do you make your profile a success quickly?
Follow these tips to hit the ground running and start making money right away!

First things first, if you haven’t already, you will need to set up your OnlyFans account. Getting approved can sometimes take a few days or more, so don’t waste time, sign up now.

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Now that you have started the process of getting your account set up, you need to start planning what kind of content you will post and how you will build your subscribers.


Focus on your content

To decide what kind of photos and videos you want to focus on, you need to think about the kinds of people you will be selling to. What do they want to see, what will they be willing to pay for? Often this will be nude photos of course, but many OnlyFans models make great money selling behind the scenes content from their daily lives. Are you a model going on photoshoots and able to give a glimpse of yourself getting ready? Are you a fashion influencer who could show your latest shopping haul off? Some sellers focus on a particular genre like photos and videos of their feet or they can post about their pregnancy. Get creative. You don’t have to only focus on nude content if that isn’t your thing.

Before you start trying to get subscribers, you will want to have content ready to post. In fact, you will want to have content already posted so when people visit your profile they can see you have a lot of photos and videos they will have access to as soon as they pay. If you don’t have much on your page, there’s no reason for them to subscribe after all.


Plan your promotion

OnlyFans doesn’t make it easy for buyers to find you on the site, so it is up to you to promote yourself. If you have a large social following on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or Facebook, this is a great place to start! Make sure you have your OnlyFans link in all your social bios. You will also want to post regularly about your account and let your followers know what great content you have there.

But before you even go fully live you can start creating a buzz. Ask your followers what kind of content they want to see, how much would they be willing to pay, get them engaged and talking about your upcoming OnlyFans account. You can use what you learn to feedback into what you will create. Not only that, but it will get people wanting to subscribe before you even get started. Once you are ready you can share your link and watch the subscriptions roll in. Make a note of the people who commented on your social posts and make sure you message them to personally invite them to subscribe on OnlyFans. These will possibly be your most loyal subscribers and best tippers, so make them feel special.

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Give a special offer

When you launch it can be useful to give a special offer or discount. This can be for a limited time or a limited number of people. Give them the feeling that they are getting the best deal by signing up now.

When you begin you will have less content on offer than many established sellers, so you might want to compensate for this by offering a lower price. It can be helpful as well to start building your subscribers quickly so that you can engage with them and find which content they like so you know what to focus on when you make more. When you are used to making and selling your material, you can increase the price. But remember to be flexible, if you find you aren’t getting the numbers you want, you can lower the price, or if you are building subscribers so fast that you cant keep up with everyone, maybe it would be wise to raise your price. Test things out and see what works best for you.

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