Complete guide how to sell used worn panties online

Complete guide how to sell used worn panties online

Why sell used underwear?

Many content creators get asked if they also sell used and worn panties. This can be a great side income on top of what you make selling photos and videos on sites like OnlyFans Chaturbate and if you have a large following you could potentially make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per pair.

Selling work underwear is a great side hustle and can be really easy to do. Interacting with your customers can be fun and if nothing else, can be a great excuse to buy lots of new underwear or clear out your older stuff.

How much can you make selling panties?

The first thing people normally ask about selling used panties is, “how much can I make?” and that’s a really good question with no clear answer. It gets quite complex because there are so many variables involved.

For example, you will want to charge more for a pair of panties you have worn for 3 days than a pair worn for one day. You can also charge more once you have build up a following and reputation.

While there are edge cases where sellers have made shockingly high amounts of money (one woman made $5000 for a pair of panties she wore for 3 weeks straight and others earn $1500 per month) a more reasonable expectation is that you will sell roughly 8 pairs of panties a month and charge between $30 to $50 for each of them. This would bring in maybe $400 a month… Not bad for a side hustle!

Once you have been doing this for a while and built a large number of followers, you can raise your prices and take your income to the next level!

How Sites work

Panty selling websites generally work a little bit differently from the more traditional fan sites. Most people are familiar with the idea of signing up for free and then the site taking a cut of all your sales, typically between 20% and 30% When you are selling physical goods however and dealing directly with the buyer, things work in a different way.

With pantie selling sites, you will normally pay a membership fee to join. This can put a lot of sellers off but there are several key reasons why it’s actually to your advantage to have a paid membership.

  • All sites charge you in some way, if not upfront, then by taking an ongoing cut of your sales. Rather than having 30% of every single sale you make deducted from your earnings, you pay once in advance and then keep ALL your sales profit. No money is deducted from what you earn! Because of this, you can actually make more money in the long run.
  • Most sellers make a profit after just one sale, so everything after that is all going to you.
  • Paid sellers are generally more active and so there will be many more buyers visiting the site looking at your store. More buyers mean more sales which means more money for you!
  • You can sign up for as little as three months and see if you make enough sales to bother renewing your membership. It’s not a lot to lose and will almost certainly bring you a huge profit. Think of it as if you were setting up a real shop in your local town, you would have expenses to get started, but you make them back through sales. It’s the same here.

Where to sell? Our recommendation 

Sofia Grey

We have looked into a lot of options for websites to sell used panties and personal items on, and have come out with a clear recommendation: Sofia Gray. This is the leading panty selling site around and offers a lot of great reasons to start selling here.

Most sites have a small audience so you don’t stand a lot of chance of making organic sales where people find your store on their own. Sofia Gray has thousands and thousands of registered and active buyers, you cant find a busier marketplace for your store.

Sellers can build out their profile and get really specific so that buyers can find the exact kind of seller they are looking for. This means that you can put yourself in a niche that will get you lots of sales.
Are you an 18-year-old curvy Spanish woman living in Germany or a 30-year-old gender-fluid seller with an athletic build? Your buyers can find you out of the crowd by searching for the kind of seller you are. Whatever gender you identify with or not, no matter your body type or ethnicity, there are thousands of potential buyers ready to find you and purchase your items.

And you can sell more than just panties, you can sell anything you like, socks, shoes, pantyhose, stockings, gym gear, in fact, you can sell anything you want. You can even take custom requests to give your buyers that true VIP treatment and give them exactly what they desire, at a premium price!
With Sofia Gray, you can also negotiate with your customers how to charge for your used items. You can choose any payment method you like, unlike other sites where you can only get paid via the sites payment channel. (More on payment below)

The fees that Sofia Gray charge for a seller account are very reasonable. just $24.99 for a three-month membership which can easily be made back with just one sale, and $62.49 for a whole year! If you sold 8 items a month priced at $50, that’s $4800 a year, but after you become an established seller, there’s no reason you couldn’t start charging more!

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Something that is very important is knowing you can stay anonymous if you choose to! Sofia Gray offers complete buyer and seller anonymity. Real names are never required and you can even request payment in an anonymous way such as bitcoin or gift card. Sofia Gray won’t even show up on your credit card statement, so you can be assured that you can keep the fact that you are selling underwear a secret.

Setting up your shop

Your shop is how you make money, it’s where you sell your products and getting it right here is what will make or break your panty selling operation.


Name your store

The first thing to think about is what you will call your shop. Many people just go for the classic “My Store” or Janes’ Panty Store”. The thing about classics… they are boring and no one will pay attention.

Instead, think of what will make your store stand out from the rest. What are your unique selling points?

Something like “Teen Secret Panties”, “BBW Panty Store” or Scent Of MILF” does a lot more to draw a buyer in and lets them know right away what your store is about and why it’s different from all the other panty stores on the site.

Give your store some personality

Once you have a name for your store, you can start giving it some personality. Think of your favourite boutique shops in your local town. They all have something that sets them apart and makes them unique. They have their own vibe and personality. Try and add that kind of uniqueness to your panty store and watch as more and more customers visit and buy.


Don’t neglect your Bio

We see this all the time with fan sites where sellers will leave their bio blank or just have a few words. By doing this, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to promote yourself and tell your potential customers what makes you special and why they should buy from you. 

Think of the bio on your store page in a similar way to the bio on a dating profile. Sell yourself, let people know what’s special about you. You want to be a bit flirty, and always keep in mind that you want to entice your customers. Tell your audience what you have to offer, introduce yourself so you can build a connection with buyers right away. When a buyer feels they know you, they are much more likely to pay for your used items. The connection is what they are paying for more than the item its self in many cases.


Give your store some personality

Once you have a name for your store, you can start giving it some personality. Think of your favourite boutique shops in your local town. They all have something that sets them apart and makes them unique. They have their own vibe and personality. Try and add that kind of uniqueness to your panty store and watch as more and more customers visit and buy.


Don’t neglect your Bio

We see this all the time with fan sites where sellers will leave their bio blank or just have a few words. By doing this, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to promote yourself and tell your potential customers what makes you special and why they should buy from you. 

Think of the bio on your store page in a similar way to the bio on a dating profile. Sell yourself, let people know what’s special about you. You want to be a bit flirty, and always keep in mind that you want to entice your customers. Tell your audience what you have to offer, introduce yourself so you can build a connection with buyers right away. When a buyer feels they know you, they are much more likely to pay for your used items. The connection is what they are paying for more than the item its self in many cases.

Profile pic – To face or not to face

A lot of sellers can be hesitant about showing their face on a panty selling profile. It’s very understandable as there can be some negative connotations with any kind of sex work and selling panties online definitely goes against some narrow-minded peoples views of what’s acceptable. While we don’t agree with those views and you clearly don’t either or why would you be reading this article, we do understand that avoiding people knowing about your store might be important to some.

So if you don’t want to show your face, it is important to still use a photo while will entice your customers to browse your items for sale.

A photo of an empty pair of panties is not going to look all that interesting when compared to a pair of panties being worn by the seller. If you don’t want to show your face, you should at least show your body off a bit. This is a sexual transaction remember, and the buyer needs to feel excited about buying from you. There are some more inventive ways to hide your face though, think about a sexy “Eyes Wide Shut” style mask or if you’re feeling more playful, you could use a pair of your panties as a mask to hide your face. After all, there’s a very good chance that the people paying for them will be holding them up to their face as well, so why not plant that idea right from the get-go?

If you do feel happy to show your face though, there are some really important benefits. Think for a minute about what buyers are looking for. They want to feel a connection to the person they are buying from. They want to feel they know the seller when they hold your panties in their hand and smell the scent coming from them.

The best way to build that connection is by letting them see your face. As the saying goes, “it’s all in the eyes”. Once they have looked into your eyes, there will be an instant connection and relationship that begins to grow. Then the more they learn about you from your bio, the more they can put those facts to your face. And pretty soon, they will be desperate to buy your panties and other items.

Other things to consider

You want to make sure you have a good quality photo for your profile pic. Avoid bad lighting, try and take the photo in natural daylight or consider buying a cheap ring light from any popular online retailers (ok, yes, we mean Amazon). If you have any unique selling points, such as being into yoga, or a MILF, or a BBW, then showcase these in your profile pic. Wear your workout gear, let them see some sweat, or see what makes you and your products special.

Make sure you are using all the retail space in the photo, don’t have yourself squashed into the corner so people have to squint to see you and don’t use a low-quality photo.

Ideally, you would get the best shot if you use a modern phone camera or real camera and ask a friend to take the shot for you so it’s not got that “selfie” angle.

But whatever you do, make your profile photo attention-grabbing, personal to you and not a generic photo that no one will pay attention to.

One deal-breaker though is, profile photos can not contain nudity, so think of Instagram safe images when uploading your profile pic.

Adding items for sale

Here comes the fun part! Now you have your shop all set up, you can start selling your dirty panties! But you can sell more than just panties. You can pretty much sell anything you can think of and take custom orders as well.

The key points to remember are;

Pricing Ballance

How much to charge is always a tricky issue. Too much and you put people off, too little and you give the impression that your products arent valuable. You need to find that Goldilocks zone in the middle. As mentioned earlier in this article, the average selling price is around $30 to $50 and if you’re in doubt, maybe starting out at the lower end of that scale might be best and as you build your confidence and following, you can increase your prices.

Remember that the longer the panties are worn, the more you can charge for them.

It’s also important to consider your costs when pricing your items. If it’s an expensive pair of panties, then you might want to bump the sale price up to keep your margins (the money you make after paying for the item yourself) consistent.

You also need to think about postage and packaging. Work out how much it will cost to package an item (more on this below) and how much you need to spend to ship an item nationally and internationally. Different countries and different shipping methods will cost more, so work this out in advance and either add this to the price you advertise or charge extra when you negotiate the sale with your buyer.

Attention-Grabbing Item Title

Like with your shop name, your item title needs to grab the attention of the buyer and tell them why it’s worth buying.

“Red Thong” might tell the buyer what an item looks like, but “Naughty Teachers 3-day thong” says a lot more. Be descriptive and paint a picture with your item titles and you will get a lot more people taking a look.


Eye-catching Photos

Show yourself wearing the panties, maybe a close up of the crotch if you have pre-worn and packaged them. If you haven’t worn them yet, still take some photos of you wearing them so the buyer can imagine you in them before buying.

Avoid just a generic photo of them on your bed. It will not perform as well as more interesting and sexy photos.

This goes for other items you might be selling. While you cant post nudity here either, try and show the items being used, or at least held by you in a sexy, alluring way. you need to draw the buyer in and make them desire you and the items you’re selling.



Here is where you can get really… well… descriptive! Go into as much detail as you can, How long will you be wearing or using the item on sale. What will you be doing? If you’re selling panties, will you be wearing them to work, to the gym, for a long weekend or just a day?

How will they be packaged? in a ziplock bag? Vacuum packed for ultimate scent retention? Are you able to customise the item in any way if the buyer asks?

Remember, be flirty here, tease and tempt the customer to help them decide to buy from you.



Of course, just because you make a store, doesn’t mean you will get as many customers taking a look as you might like.

You will want to promote yourself on your social media, any other selling accounts you might have and in online forums like Reddit.

Let us Promote You For Free!

Of course, we also offer free promotion for all your selling accounts right here for free!
We receive thousands and thousands of visitors which you can take advantage of by creating your free profile with us and linking all your sites from one place!


Once your items are live in your store on Sofia Gray, you will start getting enquiries and messages about them. It’s important to not only reply as quickly as possible but to keep building that relationship with your potential buyers.

Be flirty but honest when replying. Think about how you would talk to someone who was trying to flirt with you and you want them to buy you a drink before you will dance with them (substitute the word dance for an activity of your choice).

Remember this isn’t Amazon and buyers want to have a rapport with the person they are buying from.

You need to build a rapport with your buyers, let them feel they have things in common with you, that there is a real person on the other end of the message. That’s what people are looking for. They want real worn underwear, from a genuine person. Don’t be too pushy to make the sale, try and understand that people need to feel that you are approachable and friendly before they will buy from you. You have to show that you are someone they want to buy from.

Sometimes messages might get quite steamy but often buyers just want to know more about you as a person. Don’t be afraid to be honest and let them get to know you. Remember this is all anonymous, they don’t know your real name, they don’t know where you live or have your mobile number. As long as you make sure not to share any personally identifiable information, you will be fine. You can tell them as much as you feel safe to share and it’s likely they will respond by buying from you again and again.


    If you ever email someone an image, make sure that the photo doesn’t have any location information embedded in it. Some phones log where a photo was taken and this can be used to see where you live. Always be careful!


    Unfortunately, you will undoubtedly encounter people who try and push their luck in one way or another. It might be that someone wants a discount, or it might be that they want to collect the item in person.

    You need to set some red lines before you start selling used panties and other items. A list of things you are willing to negotiate on. 

    We would say, categorically, that under no circumstances should you ever meet a customer in person. Ever! Just don’t do it. No matter how nice they seem, no matter how sure you are that it will be fine. Just don’t do it. Do. Not. Do. It!

    On things like discounts, this is up to you. If you are unwilling to haggle and are firm that “the price is the price” then just say on your profile and item description, that there is no negotiation on price and stick to this if and when someone asks.

    But you can sometimes use a discount to make more money. you could offer two items for a slightly reduced combined price. If you’re selling some used panties for $50 and someone wants them for $30, you could offer them for $30 if they also buy a pair of worn socks for $20, so you still make $50 but the buyer gets something extra.

    Or you could say you are unable to reduce the price, but you will include a photo of you wearing them for free. There is an art to haggling, and you can use someone asking you to reduce your price as an opportunity to make more money in the long run. It is about value more than price sometimes.

    Don’t be afraid to say “No” though. Every now and then, you will get someone who just won’t accept your prices, no matter how many times you explain that you won’t change them or they will just want to swap endless messages without ever buying anything. Remember, this is a business and a side hustle at that. The whole point is to make money without spending much time and effort on it. These parisite customers who take and never give need to be ignored as soon as you spot them. Don’t let them waste your time that you could use to interact with paying buyers that can be turned into repeat customers.



    Whoop Whoop! you have made your first sale and all you need to do is get paid. But what are the best ways to get the money from your buyer so you can send them their purchase?

    One of the great things about selling panties on Sofia Gray is that you can take payment directly yourself, in whatever way you choose.

    But with great freedom comes a medium amount of complexity. Which payment method do you choose?

    The trouble is that a lot of the more mainstream gateways shy away from adult work. If they find out, either by you being reported, someone using the wrong words in a payment note or some other means, that you are taking payment for adult-orientated transactions your account may get banned and you could even lose any finds they currently hold. Not ideal.

    You may be lucky and be able to get away with accepting payment using one of the riskier platforms mentioned below, lots of sellers never have a problem. But if you do get on the wrong side of an account ban, it’s going to be a lot of hassle setting something new up in a hurry.

    Below we have listed some of the problematic payment gateways and some that are more accepting of adult-themed sellers.

    Non Adilt Friendly Payment Gateweays

    • PayPal
    • “You may not use the PayPal service for activities that…relate to transactions involving….certain sexually oriented materials or services.”
    • Square
    • “Will not accept payments in connection with…adult entertainment oriented products or services (in any medium, including internet, telephone or printed material).”
    • Google Wallet
    • “Unacceptable product – Adult goods and services – Pornography and other sexually suggestive materials (including literature, imagery and other media); escort or prostitution services.”
    • Stripe
    • “By registering for Stripe, you are confirming that you will not use the Service to accept payments [for] Pornography and other obscene materials (including literature, imagery and other media); sites offering any sexually-related services such as prostitution, escorts, pay-per-view, adult live chat features.”
    • Venmo
    • “You agree you will not use the Venmo Services [for sales of] items that are considered obscene; … certain sexually oriented materials or services; … You further agree that you will not use the Venmo Services to conduct transactions that…are otherwise related to illegal activity, gambling, pornography, obscene material or otherwise objectionable content or activities.”
    • WePay
    • “You will not accept payments or use the Service in connection with the following activities, items or services: Adult or adult-related services, including escort services, adult massage, or other adult-entertainment services; Adult or adult-related content, including performers or ‘cam girls’.”
    • Snapcash
    • Run by Square.
    • Cash App
    • Run by Square.
    • Braintree
    • Run by Paypal.

    Platforms allowing Sex Workers

    • Bitcoin
    • Into crypto? It’s totally okay to use Bitcoin as a payment method for basically any service on the web. However, it can be a little complicated, so it might make it hard to get customers to pay with it unless they’re savvy about Bitcoin themselves.
    • Bitpay
    • This is an easier way to receive payments in Bitcoin. They take a 1% fee, but this is honestly pretty low, and you might be able to ask the buyer to cover the fee in their purchase price. But again, it can be difficult to sell users on this because Bitcoin can be inaccessible.
    • Amazon gift cards
    • Many sex workers choose to sell their panties in exchange for Amazon gift cards. This is a really safe option, as there’s no way for Amazon to know why the seller is sending you the gift card. It could be for a birthday! As nice as this method is, it can be a little harder for some sellers who are trying to make ends meet. Since you can only use the money on Amazon, it won’t help you pay your rent or buy food. Keep this in mind when deciding whether it’s the option for you.
    • Verotel
    • This payment site is actually made for sex workers to receive cash! That means you don’t have to worry at all about your account getting shut down. If you’re looking to get cash instead of Amazon gift cards or Bitcoin, check this one out!
    • Payoneer
    • This is basically invoicing software, so it requires a little extra work to send these items out to your clients. However, freelancers use sites like this all the time to get paid, so it makes sense to give it a try. You can transfer your money to a bank account at a low rate or withdraw it from an ATM. This site also supports USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, JPY, MXN & more, making it more flexible for international customers. Just make sure you convert your fee before they send over the money!
    • Paxum
    • Another invoicing software. This site is sex worker friendly, but it does have a couple of restrictions. The only one that could apply is defecation, so don’t use it if you’re selling undies that have been pooped in or if you’re sending actual poop in the mail.


    Finally, we come to shipping your dirty underwear to the buyer. The best way to send your used panties is to vacuum seal them and put them in discrete packaging.

    By vacuum sealing them, you can preserve the scent for your buyer.

    Some customers may want you to send damp or wet items, which is up to them. But it’s useful to point out that this can sometimes result in mould and bacteria forming on the fabric so no refunds will be offered.

    Sending dried panties (you can leave them in a warm room, put them on the radiator or use a hair drier) is a safer way of sending items, but the scent can be somewhat diminished this way, so its best to talk to your buyer before packaging their purchase up.

    As a little bonus for your buyer, you can encourage repeat custom by including some extra touches. A handwritten note, a photo of you wearing the panties or an offer of a discount on their next purchase can go a long way and turn a one-off customer into a regular buyer.


    Now you have all the information you need, it’s time to go and sign up for Sofia Gray, our top recommendation for a used panty selling site! Don’t forget to let us promote you for free and boost your sales.

    Don’t forget, when you sign up to Sofia Gray, you can save 10% by using code “NSFWprofiles” or, if you would rather use a general discount code, you can find discount codes for Sofia Gray over at WeThrift.

    Further Reading

    take your selling to the next level by checking out this FANTASTIC article from Sofia Gray themselves to get even more tips and tricks. And don’t forget to use code “NSFWProfiles” when you set up your account to save 10%

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