Best Alternatives to OnlyFans

The Best Alternitives To OnlyFans

By Now you will probibly have heard that OnlyFans dropped a bombshell on the whole industry recently by announcing that they will be banning explicit content from their site. Meaning that the thousands upon thousands of dedicated content creators who have worked hard to make their platform the household name and multi-million dollar company it has become will be left out in the cold.

All adult material will have to be removed from creators profiles, and while some nude content will be allowed to remain, the vast majority of the content that gets posted currently will soon be somthing you will be banned for posting.

The result of this is that creators are having to find a new platform to sell through and hope that they can convince their subscribers to follow them to a new site.

We wanted to help by giving you a list of our top recomendations for sites to sell on now that OnlyFans has turned its back on the kind of content the vast magority of its creats and buys are focused on.


Our most recent partner site and the site that most creators are turning to is iFans.

They offer the same tools as OnlyFans but offer much better promotion oppitunities.

They also let you earn through partnering with other creators and taggin them in your own feed or messages, for which you will receive a cut of sales you refer.


One of the most popular ways to make a quick blast of cash on OnlyFans is to go live and stream to your fans.

But Chaturbate gives you a potential audiance of millions of viewers who can tip you or pay to go private.

It’s the biggest name in webcamming and if you havent given it a try, then you might be shocked at how much you can earn here after buuilding a bit of a following.


If you are interested in selling personal and worn items (panties) then you want to make sure you’re seling where the big spenders are. bosting sales of worn panties over $6,000 for a single pair, there is no better option than SofiaGray!

What makes this marketplace even more interesting is the fact that you are able to keep 100% of your earnings, unlike most sites which will deduct on average, 20% of your profits.

Instead SofiaGray charges you a small fee to sell on their site and then you keep all your money! Most sellers will make the fee back after just one sale, but you can save 10% off your sellers fee by using promo code “NSFW” when you sign up.


AdmireMe is a great OnlyFans alternitive, you get all the tools and revenue streams you are used to but lots more features that OnlyFans has never offered.

You can be promoted on their front page and social media channels.

Not only that, but you even have the freedome to charge your subscribers in the currency of you choice and receive weekly (and fast) payouts!

AdmireMe is a fantastic all round option for those looking to move away from OnlyFans.

Plus, they have made it clear that they will not turn their back on adult content creators. The site was made by an adult worker, for adult workers and they will always have your back!

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